Harry Rosenburg (TwistedGaming) Admin Abuse and horrible attitude.

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Harry Rosenburg (TwistedGaming) Admin Abuse and horrible attitude.

Post by [OW] TheCityGuy on Sun Jul 19, 2015 4:02 am

Harry Rosenburg was caught today, abusing his admin by banning a player for no reason at all, no rules had been broken. Afterwards he was seen talking trash about the player calling him a little kid, saying he should be in bed, and many other things among that. He gave no effort to fix the problem, instead he screwed around for a while, then he finally spoke with the person he falsely banned, told him that he would unban him in the morning, and then blocked the player for no reason. Then I myself spoke to him and he decided to be rude to me also when I spoke to him, he also blocked me. Then he got off while not telling us his boss' name after we had asked multiple times.

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