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Is the one-strike policy fair?

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Post by [PRP] Ok1nawa on Thu Jul 16, 2015 10:49 pm

For future reference I figured I'd post this here (just so it can be in writing if ever needed)

Jonathon was demoted from Admin to Moderator for the following reasons:

-Demonstrated that he did not know server policies or rules very well, other than the basics
-Was reported numerous times and constantly complained about in game
-Poor people skills
-Allowed RDM on the server for god knows how long, even took a poll to whether or not he should let RDM keep happening without punishment
-Didn't know how to be a staff member; constantly needed help saying "I dont know what to do" or "i need help on the server" in steam messages while I was otherwise busy
-Blatantly lied to me multiple times; tried to blame other admins for his mistakes

I feel as though I took it easy simply demoting to moderator.  If all is agreed, Jonathon is now on a "one-strike policy," meaning that if he messes up one more time then he will have his staff position revoked and will be demoted to his original group on the server, Supporter.  If all is agreed, please vote in the poll.

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Jonathon Demoted Empty Re: Jonathon Demoted

Post by DefaultCarrot on Fri Jul 17, 2015 7:24 pm

Perfect example of someone progressing to admin too fast and a good player but maybe not quite someone set for a staff position yet.


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