TheOnlySpidwolf's Mod/Admin Application

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TheOnlySpidwolf's Mod/Admin Application Empty TheOnlySpidwolf's Mod/Admin Application

Post by TheOnlySpidwolf on Thu Jul 30, 2015 7:31 pm

Steam TheOnlySpidwolf

Ingame TheOnlySpidwolf

Steam(ID) STEAM_0:1:81907517

How long have you been on the server:For A Couple Days



Why do you want to become a staff Member: Because a day ago me and my friend were playing on this server and we left for a bit and joined back and it was mayhem, no admins on and there were guys mass rdm'g and spawn killing and breaking all sorts of rules, so me and my friend took it into our hands and stopped the mass rdm'g until a admin got on. I want to become admin so i can stop things like that from happening and make sure there is a safe and fun rp experience for everyone.  

What position are you now: User

What position are you applying for:Mod Or Admin

How many times have you applied for this position: This is My First Time

Why should we pick you over someone else: I think you should pick me over someone else because i have experience as admin and i'd love to keep this server clean and make sure that people can rp without interference of people Rdm'g, breaking NLR and etc.

Do You Have Any Staff Experience: Yes, i was a Mod on Platinum Rp and a Admin on Ice #2

Do You Know How to Use ULX Commands:Yes


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TheOnlySpidwolf's Mod/Admin Application Empty Re: TheOnlySpidwolf's Mod/Admin Application

Post by Casper on Fri Jul 31, 2015 2:52 pm

+1 nice user


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