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Robotic Wolfs staff app Empty Robotic Wolfs staff app

Post by Robotic Wolf Aka Rek on Wed Jul 22, 2015 4:20 pm

Steam (Name)
Robotic Wolf Pack | SF
How long have you been on the server:
I don't know exact times but like 3-4 days but gmod time in total (keep in mind i have about 4k darkrp hours) is a year
Microphone:(Yes Or No)
Why do you want to become a staff Member(100 words):
Because i've noticed sometimes staff are busy with sits, nlr breakers, rdm/mingers/trolls/group trollers/mass rdmers and there are still people needing a sit, for rdm etc and i've had about a years worth of ulx time, and that lots of staff usually are gone around 12 pm ish and i am on till like 3-4 am sometimes later, I have experience with admin sits/mod sits (same thing) About rdm nlr breaking, I find darkrp staffing etc fun and I love all the staff here they are helpful understanding etc
What position are you now(User, Mod, Admin, Superadmin, etc.):
What position are you applying for:
How many times have you applied for this position:
This is my first time
Why should we pick you over someone else:
Because i'm kind outgoing passionate helpful i give newbies 1 mil to start out if they are out of there original starter money I like to help the server by donating if I can I have lots of friends I made on here that I hope to keep and help stay out of trouble and teach newbies what nlr rdm etc is if they happen to be new and don't know <3
Do You Have Any Staff Experience:
5 darkrp servers I used to own one, was semi popular staff on a couple ttt servers resigned to come play on this beautiful amazing server.
Do You Know How to Use ULX Commands: All of the default ones plus a good it of custom ones

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Robotic Wolfs staff app Empty Re: Robotic Wolfs staff app

Post by Dargar3 on Thu Jul 23, 2015 12:19 am

+1 He sounds like a good candidate


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