Dylan's Amazing Moderator Application

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Dylan's Amazing Moderator Application Empty Dylan's Amazing Moderator Application

Post by ♛ Dylan ♛ on Sun Jul 19, 2015 11:45 am

Steam (Name) ♛Dylan♛

Ingame(Name) ♛Dylan♛

Steam(ID) STEAM_0:1:93775446

How long have you been on the server: 50+ hours

Age: 14 (my birthday was yesterday!) Razz

Microphone:({Yes} Or No)

Why do you want to become a staff Member(100 words): I would like to become a staff member on your server because I know I can make it a more fun experience for all players. I can play for most of the day, and be very active. I hate seeing those trolls ruin the experience for others, and I believe I can help out with that problem. I will do my job perfectly, and I won't abuse. Even though I like having fun, you can only have fun to an extent as a Moderator, because you need to stay enforcing the rules while you play. I will perform my job to the best of my abilities, and I promise I wont let you down. I believe I can be a great addition to the server, and make it a better place. Smile

What position are you now(User, Mod, Admin, Superadmin, etc.): User

What position are you applying for: Moderator

How many times have you applied for this position: 1 Mad

Why should we pick you over someone else: You should pick me over someone else because I have a lot of time on my hands and I can play on the server for 10+ hours a day because it is summer. I can contribute to the server a lot and make it a better place. I'm strict when I need to be, and I can always get the job done. I wont abuse, and I'm thinking of even making a YouTube series of me being a Moderator on your server.

Do You Have Any Staff Experience: Super Admin on one server and Moderator on three.

Do You Know How to Use ULX Commands: Yes

♛ Dylan ♛

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Dylan's Amazing Moderator Application Empty Re: Dylan's Amazing Moderator Application

Post by DefaultCarrot on Sun Jul 19, 2015 12:41 pm

Why are you making another application if the last one hasn't been accepted or declined?


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