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Jesus admin complaint Empty Jesus admin complaint

Post by Trench Coat Black Man on Sat Jul 18, 2015 3:06 pm

Name of person that is violating rules:Jesus, his steam name is TheLucidPanda


Why are you reporting them:So I went up to this thief as a blood and was messing with him by having my pockets out acting like I was going to take his guns then the thief sniped me and rdmed me and I said "Wow nice rdm freaking retard" and then the admin said okay im banning you for 3 hours for disrespect and the admin didn't even want to listen to me when I was trying to say he rdmed. So he banned me I went on to my other account (And yes I know this isn't right but he wouldn't listen) and tried to talk to him again about what happened and still didn't listen he just banned me again . This admin was being super biased because that thief was his friend and didn't listen to me at all even thought me and the thief were both at fault. I would also like to add that the admin has guns the whole time and he admitted it


Copy and past this into google and it will be the first video that pops up

Other comments:Can you please take care of this admin , He doesn't deserve a demote but he needs to be talked to right away about how to handle situations better

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