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Do you think there should be a longer wait time to assure admins are more "handpicked"

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Staff progressing too fast Empty Staff progressing too fast

Post by DefaultCarrot on Fri Jul 17, 2015 4:49 pm

So I make this post because I have been thinking that new staff members have been progressing through the ranks of staff far too quickly. By this I mean that moderators have been getting admin with as little as 5 days of getting moderator. I know my case this is true but now that we have some admins we should slow down our hiring. This is definately the case in Jonathon. He got moderator fairly quickly and admin not long after that. And in his case he was not prepared at all(Ex. He would call me to help him with a sit even though he should have been able to handle it himself). All that I'm saying is now that server has been up for a decent amount of time we shouldn't accept applications just because they look good. We should ask ourselves if we really need another admin. I think some people are better in the moderator position than as an admin. Moderators shouldn't apply for admin because it's just the next rank or because they have been mod for a while. Mods should have a good reason to become admin. It's not like moderators are powerless. Admins and moderators should be two ranks that are seperated by a strict code. Stepping up to admin from moderator is a big step and shouldnt be given lightly after someones been doing good at moderator for only a week. I think staff shouldn't look at the rank too seriously. I bet a lot of mods would quickly be discouraged if they haven't gotten admin after being mod for a month. If this is the case then should they have it if they can't have some patience? Are they mature enough to handle the situation themselves? These are all important questions. Well, I will make a poll on what your view is on.

TL:DR: No, Read it.


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