Job and SWEP ideas

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Job and SWEP ideas Empty Job and SWEP ideas

Post by on Thu Aug 20, 2015 9:23 pm

The People that work at this server and do maintenance and I think there should be more jobs and SWEPS like a pickpocket swep. there should also be a shelf or display case thing where you can put things like a pistol or printer or maybe a pile of money. Ideas FOR JOBS. I got some ideas like being a bartender a bank guard or maybe gundealer/arms dealer/smallarmsdealer guard (unless people just like the reguler guard thing.) there should also be a job about collecting taxes on doors and if they dont pay it they loose the door that they own. One last job idea that I have is investigator. the point of the job is for the goverment and its to search homes or investigate crimes or other things. Hope Somebody likes my ideas it took me about 15 mins to think of all of this

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