Wiz Khalifa's aplacation

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Wiz Khalifa's aplacation Empty Wiz Khalifa's aplacation

Post by Wiz Khalifa on Tue Aug 04, 2015 1:47 pm

Steam (bigbabbykiller)

Ingame(Wiz Khalifa)

Steam(ID) STEAM_0:0:92425910

How long have you been on the server:idk how many days i was on


Microphone:(Yes Or No)yes

Why do you want to become a staff Member(100 words):beceaus i would like to me a staff member and in prve my selfe that i can be a beder perssone in games of garys mod and be part a cool stuff u guys do in game.

What position are you now(User, Mod, Admin, Superadmin, etc.):User

What position are you applying for:mod or admin

How many times have you applied for this position:0

Why should we pick you over someone else:idk i think im good for the job and not abus the mod that i am.

Do You Have Any Staff Experience:no

Do You Know How to Use ULX Commands:yes and no

Wiz Khalifa

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Wiz Khalifa's aplacation Empty Re: Wiz Khalifa's aplacation

Post by DefaultCarrot on Tue Aug 04, 2015 2:35 pm



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