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Staff Application

Post by Akmir on Sun Jul 19, 2015 1:01 pm

Steam: Akmir

Ingame: Akmir

Steam(ID) STEAM_0:1:33570202

How long have you been on the server: Roughly a Week/or 2

Age: 18

Microphone: Yes

Why do you want to become a staff Member: I want to become staff because the way I see it we have some unfit admins in staff positions already who do nothing but mess around and/or punish certain people in the wrong manner.(not going to name anybody) I've called upon admins countless times when witnessing rdm/nlr/etc.. and yet most of the time they do not respond. However the golden reason I want to become a staff member is because of the experience and understanding I can bring to the situations that occur in the server. If someone breaks a rule without you witnessing it yourself, you should go investigate it, something a lot of staff members lack. If I were admin however I would hear both sides of a story before making a just, fair decision.

What position are you now: User

What position are you applying for: Admin/Mod

How many times have you applied for this position: Never

Why should we pick you over someone else: I'm a mature gamer who can have fun at times and be serious like at other times, I'm patient and think through things before giving an appropriate response  

Do You Have Any Staff Experience: I've been SA, A of about 7 different DarkRP Communities. Owner of a HL2RP Server as well as admin of Arma3 Altis life servers

Do You Know How to Use ULX Commands: Yes


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Re: Staff Application

Post by JacobR on Sun Jul 19, 2015 3:59 pm

+1 fuck this dumbass bitch, completely incompetent idiot, do not ever make admin or mod.


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Re: Staff Application

Post by jvail777 on Mon Jul 20, 2015 3:55 pm

+1 Great guy


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Re: Staff Application

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