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Rules on the server! Empty Rules on the server!

Post by DefaultCarrot on Thu Jul 09, 2015 5:11 pm

General Rules

1) No RDM
2) Don't violate NLR
3) No prop abuse (Propspam/Propblock/Propsurf/Propkill)
4) Raid timer is 10 minutes
5) Do not harass or bully other players (or be a dick in general).
6) Don't flame/shit talk in OOC or Advert
7) Racism is allowed, just don't abuse it and remember Rule 5.
Cool Don't be a lil' bitch. If you think Rule 5 is being broken and you're being harassed, call an admin or moderator and report it, but overall if someone just says something sour to you then just chill.
9) Don't try to ruin the fun of other players.

The Golden Rule

If you think it's wrong, just don't do it to keep yourself out of trouble.

Job Rules / General Rules (cont.)

Gun Dealers

1) You're required to sell from a shop, or at least have one (Arms Dealer is excluded)
2) Self supply is okay, just don't be caught switching over to a gun dealer and buying weapons for yourself and then instantly swapping back to your old job.
3) Sell at a fair price (Don't make your profits $1000 for each gun, money is easy enough to obtain)

Police/Civil Protection/SWAT/SS

1) Don't abuse your power, RDA is not allowed.
2) Don't just shoot people that run from you during an arrest. Follow the rule "3 warnings then I shoot" or "only shoot unless your life is in danger"
3) Don't be biased or a nazi when it comes to the laws.
4) No raiding on suspicion (you MUST have proof of something being wrong before raiding)

DEFAULT LAWS (Can't be overridden or changed):

1) Printers, Drugs, and Guns are illegal (without a license)
2) Police/Mayor/Any Gov't Job may not own printers or drugs unless they are confiscated.

Hitman Jobs

1) Don't serve only one person, you have to cater to everyone when it comes to your job.
2) Don't base or only use the classes for the gun. That is not their purpose.

Medic Jobs

1) You can't base if you are a regular medic. Hired Medics are allowed to base AND raid with the people who hired them (THEY MUST BE PAID)


1) You can raid and base
2) You can base and raid with any other basing or raiding class
3) Raid timer is 10 minutes (don't raid the same place twice in 10 minutes)


1) You must be hired. When someone hires you, change your job to "<player's name>'s Guard" (/job <player's name>'s Guard) or something of the sort to signify that you are hired.
2) You can only base if you're basing with someone who hired you to guard them
3) You can only raid with the person(s) who hired you so that you may defend them.


1) You can base/raid etc.
2) You are allowed to KOS the opposite gang when in private (anywhere except spawn or in the streets)

Drug Dealer

1) Grow weed and sell it. (NPC will be added soon)
2) Can base

Basing Rules

1) Maximum of 5 people per base
2) Maximum of 4 fading doors (excluding printer holders, etc.)
3) Fading doors/Keypads must be set to toggle


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